Introducing SiteScan

SiteScan!We all know that getting Google Analytics configured correctly is the key to getting good data for analysis. To help facilitate that process EpikOne has created a new tool called SiteScan. Originally we wanted a tool that would scan all pages and check for the tracking code. Believe it or not, missing tracking code is an issue. Even for enterprise clients. But I digress…

SiteScan is a GA diagnostic tool that scans your website for installation issues. Not only will it identify pages that are not tagged, it will also look for other configuration pitfalls. All you need to do is enter a website URL and SiteScan will crawl the site. When it’s done you’ll get a nifty report with the results.

SiteScan report

When you sign up for SiteScan you can re-scan your site 5 times. So, if SiteScan finds any issues you can fix them and then re-scan the site to make sure all the issues are resolved.

A big congratulations to Alex and Casey who worked very hard on this. Great job guys.

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      As a consultant, I would be interested in using the tool, even though it’s limited to GA. However, I have difficulty understanding the pricing model. Why the number of pages and scans, and not a fixed monthly fee, for example?

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      Hi Jacques,

      Thanks for the comment. When SiteScan was introduced it was geared toward small and mid sized companies. They were enthusiastic about the pricing model. I’ll pass your note along to the appropriate contact. Maybe you guys can work something out.

      Thanks for reading the blog.



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