New GA Feature: Sticky Filters

This is a pretty cool feature that most people don’t know about. I’m not really sure if it’s officially called ‘Sticky Filters’, but that’s the term I’m going to use.

If you apply a filter to a report, and then add that report to a dashboard, the filter will be applied to the data in the report widget. Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a list of keywords, and you only want to see brand keywords. Go to the Keyword report and apply a filter to isolate your branded keywords.

Keyword report filter.

Then add the report to your dashboard. When the report widget appears on the dashboard it will contain only the keywords that match the filter.

Filtered Keyword Widget

What’s really cool is that you can create multiple widgets, each with a different filter. So, if there are multiple groups of keywords tat you want to see on your dashboard, you can create multiple widgets. Just keep applying different filters to the keyword report.

Two widgets.

What would be even better is if GA let me choose what integer value is displayed in the widget. So, rather than see visits, I could see conversions, or pageviews. What do you think Google?

‘Sticky’ filters work for all reports. Here’s another example. Let’s say you want to see geographic data segment by north american city. You can filter the Map Overlay report by city and then add the report to your dashboard. (I know this is technically segmentation and not filtering, but the results are similar).

Map Widget

Not only does this add more detailed information to my dashboard, but it also let’s me access a segmented Map Overlay report with one click.

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    1. says

      I agree, “sticky filters” are great. It would really be awesome if they took it one step further and made “sticky dates” – I’d love to be able to have some widgets on my dashboard showing comparing dates.

    2. says


      Is there any way to combine the city and state segmentation? What I’m looking for is a report with city AND state that shows people that viewed a particular page. I know how to show just city or just state, but not both on the same report.

    3. says

      Hi Chris,

      Sorry for the delay… I was out of the loop for a while…

      You want to use a series of advanced filter to create the data you need. This series should combine the City, State (Region) and the Request URI. You’ll need two advanced filters:

      1. This filter will combine city (Field A) and state (Field B) and output it in the Custom Variable 1.

      2. This filter will take the Custom Variable 1 (Field A) and add it to the Request URI (Field B). Then OUTPUT it to the constructor. I would use the Request URI.

      Make sure you add this filter to a new profile as it WILL mess with your data.


    4. Sarwar says

      Hi Justin,

      it was really useful to add the report to dashboard. I was wandering if I could give name to those reports reflecting applied filter.


    5. says


      No, you can’t actually change the widgets that appear on the dashboard. The only reports that you can name in Google Analytics are the custom reports.

      Thanks for the question,



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