Visit Vermont for Online Marketing BootCamp

Online Marketing BookcampOn November 12-16 we’ll be holding our second Online Marketing BootCamp. This 5 day event is a series of talks and training sessions about online marketing and how to power your online marketing with Google tools. We have sessions ranging from the State of Online Advertising to Advanced Google Analytics Configurations. Can you guess what I’ll be speaking about? :)

We learned a lot from our first Boot Camp. Based on participant feedback we’ve re-tooled the format and the content. Even if you attended the first BootCamp you’ll probably find something new this time around.

I think one of the best parts of OM BootCamp is the format. Each day is focused on a specific part of online marketing. Interested in testing? Come to the testing day. Want to learn about analytics? Come to the analytics day. Come for a day or for the entire week; it all depends on what you want to learn.

Each day ends with an Ask the Experts session. These informal meetings provide a relaxed environment where participants can work through specific issues with speakers. Got a really hard GA question? I’ll be there to help. This is what I’m most excited about, working directly with people.

If you’re interested in OM BootCamp, or if you have any questions, email us at info -AT- epikone . com.

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