This, That and a Web Analytics Survey

I’m back… finally. Sorry for the long layoff, things have been absolutely crazy here. I wanted to take a moment and say a few things.

First, I’m sorry I have not gotten to all of your comments. I think there are over 50 in my moderation queue. I’m usually very prompt at responding but I needed to back-burner comments for the past few weeks. I should have the queue cleared out by Monday. If you’ve asked a question I will get to it.

Second, I wanted to remind everyone that Eric T. Peterson is conducting his bi-annual survey of web analytics practitioners, consultants, and vendors. This year’s survey focuses on tools.

The survey can be found here:

As a thank you, Eric is offering a discount coupon good for $10.00 OFF of the “Big Book of Key Performance Indicators”. If you don’t have this book this is a great opportunity to pick it up for a fantastic price.

And Finally….

I’m working on the next version of Google Analytics Short Cut. I thought I would have it done and published by now, but I wanted to wait for all the new GA features announced last month to go live. I’ve also been incorporating the feedback that everyone has provided.

If you’ve already purchased GA Short Cut you will automatically receive an update when it is done. Not bad fora $10 investment.

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