A is for Atlanta, Amsterdam and Analytics View

The theme for today’s post is the letter A.

A is for Atlanta

We’re kicking off our 2009 Google Analytics Seminars for Success program with a session in Atlanta on February 17 & 18 at Emory University. Seminars for Success is a two day training event that focus on how to configure and use Google Analytics.

I am convinced that this is the most Google Analytics training that you can get for $499. Learn more and register here.

Please feel free to post any questions. We’ve had every size organization attend these events and they all find something useful.

A is for Amsterdam

On March 2 & 3, we’re taking Seminars for Success on the road to Amsterdam! I was hoping for someplace a little bit warmer, but I’m looking forward to visiting some friends in the Frozen North :)

You can read more about the Amsterdam training, and register, here.

A is for AnalyticsView

And the final A for today is AnalyticsView. I’m not sure how many of you know that we launched a product called AnalyticsView last year. It was originally intended to be a customizable GA reporting tool but, with the launch of Custom Reports, we needed to change the focus a bit ;)

AV does some neat reporting things that GA can’t do, like white-labeled reports, but we’re moving away from the reporting feature and starting to make it more of a toolbox. To start, we’ve incorporated SiteScan our tool that scans your site for the standard GA tags. We’ve also created a resource list of other tools, like GA Notes, that we’ve rolled out over the last 4 years.

AnalyticsView Features

Here’s just a few of AV’s features:

  • Preloaded report templates
  • Ability to cusotmize reports
  • Report white labeling
  • Emailed delivery of reports
  • SiteScan
  • Other tools and GA resources we’ve created

The basic version of AV is free and and the premium version is just $25/month.

We had a team meeting today and mapped out the features we’re going to add in the next few months. Our goal is to add features that let you manage your GA setup, facilitate reporting (especially for agencies and enterprises) and provide an easy way to mash up your GA data with other sources. We’d love your feedback.

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    1. says

      Hi Justin,

      looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.

      For me, Analytics View would be most useful, if I could use it as a hub to migrate other data sources into Google Analytics data and mash them up.

      I find the current “look up table” process pretty annoying, where I would have to send the GA support team the lookup table and have no way to modify it.

      In addition: I’d love to import cost data on other campaigns than AdWords which I’m not sure how to do (e. g. for CpC Affiliate campaigns).

      One of our key requirements is to add revenue data and cost data to web analytics. Revenue data for a publishers site means adRevenue, etc. Goal would be to determine a customer lifetime value for different user segments.

      Maybe that’s a way AnalyticsView could be geared towards.

    2. says


      I like your thought about mashing up GA data. But I think Google is committed to keeping GA focused on click stream data. That’s why we’re starting to work on things like Analytics View. Any mashup will need to happen outside of GA.

      See you in Amsterdam!


    3. says

      Right, that’s basically what I meant: I’d love to have an external tool, like AnalyticsView to mash up data from G.A. and from other sources.

      Basically, with the upcoming GA API it should be generally possible to extract data and mash it up with other sources – but I lack the coding resources to really make use of that.


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