Now Batting for WebShare, Justin Cutroni

Just a quick personal note to let you all know I’ve landed a new job. I’ve decided to join the team at WebShare, an online marketing and web analytics firm based in Phoenix. I’ve known the owners, David and Corey, for a while and am excited to join their outstanding team.

In their own words:

We help businesses get in front of an online audience, convert visitors into customers, and use accurate measurement and intelligent analysis to drive decisions.

They manage paid search, they do usability and design work, they do website testing and they’ve been developing tools that utilize the GA and AdWords API.

The common theme through all of their services is analytics. Everyone at WebShare is completely analytics driven. And it’s not just Google Analytics. WebShare will use whatever tool you throw at them. And then they’ll suck the data out and use JMP or SPSS to really dig in. It’s this transition from standard web analytics to web intelligence that is exciting. While it’s not for everyone I’ve seen more and more organizations start to apply BI techniques to their web analytics efforts.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re a pretty big force in the world of Google Analytics and have have helped some major brands make the jump to GA. I’ll still get my GA fix but am excited to learn some more advanced things. :)

I’ll be doing a little bit of everything at WebShare. I’m going to help with all things analytics, from guiding implementation projects, to doing data analysis, to providing feedback on software development efforts. I’m also looking forward to advancing how many of our clients look at web analytics by speaking at more events.

With whatever time I have left over, I’ll continue to hit the road and teach Google Analytics & Website Optimizer Seminars for Success. In fact, I’ll be in Dallas next week with my new co-worker Julie doing a GA and WO event .

I’d like to personally thank everyone who took the time to send me an email, tweet, comment, telegram, carrier pigeon and smoke signal wishing me well. :) I really appreciate it, and it’s one of the things I love about the web analytics community. This is a pretty tight group that really supports one another.

Be well.

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    1. says

      Hey Justin!

      I’m very happy to hear the news. I wish you all the best in this new endeavour.

      Regarding your future trips, Dallas is OK I guess, but you know there’s always a chilled beer waiting for you in Paris whenever you make it over the pond next!

      Take care buddy and congratulations again,

      • Justin says

        @Alan: Thanks Alan! What, Dallas doesn’t compare to PARIS! You know there is a Paris TX for a reason. It mixes the best or Paris AND Texas, a match made in heaven :) I really appreciate the note and plan to be back in Paris very soon!

        @Judah: Hahaha! Let’s hope I don’t start witha home run and decline from there! Looking forward to the game on the 23rd.

        @Martin: Hope things are well at Glass Box. Thanks for the note.

        @Dennis: I can feel the love. I should be in NYC in a couple of months, I think we need to grab dinner again.

    2. says


      I worked w/ you a few years ago. Love your PDF book; it’s on my desk.

      Enjoy Phoenix! Go hiking often. See baseball – Diamondbacks and minors.

      Go here for dinner; you’ll pay for the spices, but never regret it:

      Tom Sakell l

      • Justin Cutroni says

        @Tom: Thanks for reading the book! There is a new version out this summer and I’m happy to say you’ll get a free copy b/c you bought the original. Thank O’Reilly. I won’t have a chance to catch a ballgame, but I did go for a walk at South Mountain and loved it. And thanks for the dinner tip!

        @Tim: I’m looking forward to meeting you next week, we appreciate you coming. I’m not sure how much energy I’ll have to head out, but maybe we can grab a beer at the hotel bar.

        Thanks for the well wishes!

    3. says

      Congrats and welcome to Phoenix. And yes…Los Dos Molinos is awesome. I hope you’ll be able to come talk to some of the local Internet marketing/social media groups that have sprung up here. Please ck out #evfn and #evtm events!

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