Adding Two Books to the Analyst’s Bookshelf

Lots of folks have been emailing asking where the heck I’ve been. I’m still here, but the last few months have been jam packed. In addition to starting a new job at WebShare (which is wicked fun!) I’ve co-authored a new book with two smart guys and finished an update to my first book, er, PDF. If you’ve got a second I’d love to tell you a little more about these projects.

You’re probably wondering why two books? Aren’t there enough books on Google Analytics (274 according to

To be honest, the Google Analytics user base is HUGE. And, more importantly, it’s very, very diverse. There is a core group of GA power users and a gigantic long tail of people just learning about web analytics and Google Analytics.

It really is unbelievable to number of people that are getting into analytics. We’ve all heard that small businesses are the engine of America’s economy. Now image that all of those small businesses adopt Google Analytics. These companies are totally off the radar. They’re not at Emetrics or SES. They’re at home trying to figure out measurement and optimization on their own.

And then image that a large portion of enterprises start “playing with” Google Analytics” on the side. It’s happening more and more.

There’s just a lot of adoption from everyone. And with a diverse community comes diverse needs. And with diverse needs comes two books!

Performance Marketing with Google Analytics

I had the pleasure of working Sebastian Tonkin (formally of the Google Analytics team) and Caleb Whitmore (founder and lead consultant at Analytics Pros) on Performance Marketing. These are two guys that really know their stuff and we had been talking about working together for while. This was a great opportunity that fell into place.

Sebastian, Caleb and myself believe that small businesses, and those that are just getting into web analytics, need an analytics book focused on marketing optimization. Hence Performance Marketing!

If you’re just starting with Google Analytics and web analytics Performance Marketing is a good option for you. We don’t dive right into Google Analytics. We divided the book into three sections that gradually explains what web analytics is, how to get up and running with Google Analytics and then how to actually do analysis.

Section 1:
What is web analytics?
What are some of the challenges with web analytics?
What holds companies back from succeeding?

Section 2:
Google Analytics implementation and configuration
How to plan, install, configure, and use Google Analytics to its fullest capability

Section 3:
Analysis, analysis, analysis!
We look at how to actually use the data in Google Analytics to analyze display and sponsored search ads, organic search engine optimization, offline, email marketing, and more.

You can get Performance Marketing with Google Analytics at Amazon, Borders or directly from Wiley.

Google Analytics

In addition to Performance Marketing I’ve completed an update to my original Google Analytics Short Cut. I know, I’ve been talking about an update forever but this time it’s done! To prove it I’ve got my very own O’Reilly animal. :)

While this is not a 400 page manifesto on web analytics and Google Analytics it’s a nice update to the original. This book is really for the power users. For those that have been using Google Analytics for a while and want to tackle things like event tracking, custom variables and CRM integrations. I even dabble in some of the challenges that enterprises are having using Google Analytics. Most importantly all code samples have been updated to use the new async version of the tracking code. I wanted to call it the missing manual but it’s not long enough (yet).

At just 200 pages this book is lean and mean. It’s all about the guts of Google Analytics. I make a huge effort to describe how the system works so you can use it in new and creative ways.

This new version will be available in print and electronic (PDF, epub, apk and mobi). If you bought a copy of the original PDF you’ll get a free electronic update. A big thanks to O’Reilly for making that happen. For those that did not purchase the original I can offer an 40% discount on the print version and 50% off the electronic version. Drop me a note and I’ll hook you up!

Thanks for slogging through the self promotion. But, in all honesty, I really do believe that there are a lot of folks out there that need some help. And some folks just don’t read blogs or attend training events. Some people like books (no matter how fast they become out of date :) ). Hopefully these books put people on the path to analytics nirvana.

If you’ve purchased a book already then I thank you. I really, really apprectiate. It truly means a lot to me. Thank you.

Now that the books are done it’s back to blogging!

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    1. says

      Yay! Bought the Performance Marketing one. Excellent.

      Speaking of small businesses, I have seen the same trend – GA is now a household word amongst my potential clients, even the smallest micropreneurs – they’re starting to understand that even though traffic is good, conversion is key.

      Thank you, Justin, for making it all fun!

      • says

        @Peter: Thanks! I’ve been very happy working with both O’Reilly and Wiley. Check your email for that discount code and thanks again!

        @Gregory: Isn’t it amazing how everyone seems to know about GA now? Glad you found PFM a good read, any feedback is always welcome.

    2. says

      Hi Justin,

      I’ve been keeping my eyes open for up-to-date intermediate-advanced books on Google Analytics. Your book by the same title has been on my radar for a while. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience. O’Reilly’s a good company to publish with. And thank goodness for an electronic version! I travel for business and it’s a boon to be able to carry my library with me — it’s so helpful to have original sources at hand when writing reports and proposals.

      … about that discount? ;)

    3. says

      Hi Justin,

      I bought the Google Analytics shortcut back in 2007 and have been waiting for the update… but when I go to the O’Reilly website, it says I have to buy it again – there is no free update. Is there a special way of obtaining the free electronic update?

      Looking forward to reading it :)

    4. Chris says

      These both sound like great reads and not read many analytics books before despite being quite a power user. Would love to have a discount and buy the electronic version from u for the google analytics book (2nd one).

      Catching up on my rss feeds!


    5. Gustavo says

      “Most importantly all code samples have been updated to use the new async version of the tracking code.” –> That’s exactly what I am after… and the discount too (of course)… =P

      Let me know how it works =)

      Thanks in advance!

    6. Sarah says

      Glad to hear the Short Cuts book has been updated – I bought a copy, loved it, and directed a number of people to it. I have been looking for something with more about the ga.js code, though. I never received anything about downloading a free update. I’d love to find out how to do that, or if it’s no longer available a discount code to purchase the updated copy.


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