Going Google

Hi everyone, just a quick post to let you, the blog readers, know that I’ve gone Google. Starting in January I’ll be part of the Google Analytics team.

I wrote a small post on the Cardinal Path blog, but wanted to reach everyone reading this blog and add a little more detail about what I’ll be doing.

[ For those that saw the previous post, sorry for the duplicate content. ]

Before I tell you about my new role, I want to take another opportunity to that the team at Cardinal Path. David, Alex, John, Corey and Dave (in no particular order) have assembled a fantastic team and created a unique place to work.

Many people don’t know all the stuff that Cardinal Path is doing. But I can absolutely tell you that it’s some really advanced stuff, like measuring entire industries using Google Analytics. It was a really hard decision to leave…

With that said, I’m very excited to join the Google team! I obviously love their product and think they will have a significant impact on how companies use data to be more successful.

In my new role I will be externally focused and very hands on with GA. I’ll be meeting customers, going to conferences, blogging, etc. I’ll also help guide some of educational efforts.

My (tentative) new title is Analytics Advocate. I really like this because I’ll be advocating for everyone that uses GA. You got problems? Let me know!

In fact, I promise to resolve the following GA issues in my first week:

1. I will restore organic keywords and remove (not provided)
2. I will eliminate all sampling from GA
3. I will eliminate all tracking code and make the data magically appear in your account.

[ Those are obviously jokes. ]

But seriously, I’m super excited to join a team that can revolutionize how businesses function online.

Thanks again for all the support, comments, tweets, etc. Please stay in touch and make sure we’re connected on Twitter, Google +, or LinkedIn.

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    1. says

      Knowing how data freak we are at Cardinal I can guess your list of things to resolve once you land at GA is waaaay longer than just 3 points :D

      I was following your work time before coming to Canada and having the chance to be work mates. I’ll be on doing it even if you decide to quit analytics and open a bar in Yukon because your insights will still be interesting.

      Have fun, keep on doing it!

      • says

        Thanks Everyone for the well wishes.

        @Ani: Absolutely, my list is a lot longer! But we’ll start off slow.

        @Rachael: Thanks for giving me the extra time ;)

        @Soren: I will continue to post on this blog. In fact I’ll be posting more.

    2. says

      Congratulations Justin! Thanks for all the help you’ve already given the analytics community; I wish you all the best at your new job and look forward to your new contributions :-)

    3. says

      Justin, congrats again! What an amazing opportunity.

      And I totally understand if you can’t work on those issues in the first week. Seriously, take a month or two, we don’t mind :)

    4. says

      Congratulations Justin!!!

      I hope you’ll not stop blogging your helpful analytics tip here.

      Got one problem in my client analytics account under in-page analytics section. It doesn’t track detail pages stats & showing this message “There are no pageviews recorded for this page. Try adjusting the date range or select an alternate page.” I tried one of the solution i.e. created another profile with no filters but also it is showing the same results. How to solve this?

      Thanks & Congrats once again for your new journey in Google.

    5. Adrian says

      Good luck in your new endeavor. I look forward to seeing your posts in the future and being a voice not only for Google, but for users as well. Best of luck!

    6. Doug says

      Congrats Justin. Your book on analytics is one of the few IT books I have read more than twice. Not because I didn’t understand it the first time around, but because it is far superior in it’s simplicity to read and understand. It was presented very well. IT books can usually stump me in the first chapter with a concept or problem I can’t resolve, reproduce, or get past and I then find the book of little value. Not so here. I have made it to the end of your book more than twice.

      One thing I am looking for someday is how to correctly integrate Urchin UTM stats code with GATC code on the same IIS or wordpress coding pages. I get a lot of mixed messages on how to do this from support and from google forums

    7. says

      Congratulations Justin!

      Having both you and Avinash working on Google Analytics can only be a good thing. I look forward to hearing about the great stuff you have planned for Google Analytics!

      Good luck!

    8. says

      Congratulations! Best of luck in your new role, and I hope our paths cross again- I have a feeling 2012 will be another great year for GA, knowing you’ll be on the team only supports it!

    9. says

      I’m looking forward to get information about GA new feature from this blog.And I also expect to read you new book.
      Good luck!

    10. Hugh Gage says

      Congratulations Justin (from a complete stranger)… it’s interesting and encouraging to hear your new role will be externally facing. I’m sure you will have read it but the comments on this post from the Google Analytics blog (http://analytics.blogspot.com/2011/11/email-scheduler-pdf-export-and.html) give you a pretty good idea of what is currently worrying many Google Analytics users at the moment. I’m sure that any soothing oil that you can pour on these troubled waters would be very welcome.


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