Fall 2012: Conferences, Hackathons & Panels

One of the best parts of my job is connecting with analysts, marketers, developers and other analytics users. While we’re always connecting on social media it’s more fun to meet IRL.

Among the standard run of conferences is something new: the Google Analytics Hacknight. See below!

I hope we can connect at one of the following events:

September 10-11: Semphonic XChange Conference in Los Angeles, CA. I haven’t been to XChange in a couple of years. But I love this conference. It’s the most challenging event I’ve ever been to. Why? You need to participate. Atendees sit in 8 huddles (usually consisting of 10 to 15 people), over 2 days, and discuss, openly, the analytics challenges we all face. It’s 100% real-life experiences.

September 28: Google Analytics User Conference in Sydney Australia. This is the first GA user conference in Australia! I’m excited to head down under and meet some of our users. I’ll be speaking about the future of analytics. Heavy stuff :)

October 1: AdWeek, New York City. I’ll be on a pannel talking about Making Mobile Decisions.

October 2: PR News, New York City. I’ll be giving a Master Class in Google Analytics. Sounds impressive, huh ;) I’ll be helping PR props understand how they can take advantage of Google Analytics.

October 3 & 4: GAUGE Boston. Another Google Analytics user conference. This one is special, it’s in my home-town of Boston. In addition to the standard conference (which is always great) there is a Google Analytics Hackathon. Can’t wait to see what some of the smart folks in Boston come up with!

October 12: University of Tennessee Business Analytics Conference, Knoxville, TN. I’ll be discussing marketing and digital analytics. Check out this impressive lineup! Bill Franks from Terradata will be there… author of Taming The Big Data Tidal Wave.

October 20: I’ll be a judge at the Vermont Hackathon. Very honord to be a judge. Really looking forward to this. It’s all about hacking with public data. Can’t wait to see what some really smart programmers do with data!

October 24: #Accelerate Boston, MA. This is my first time attending an ACCELERATE conference. I’m super excited to see the team from Web Analytics Demystified and hear about some of the challenges we face in the measurement community. The speakers are just amazing. And did I mention that it is FREE?

October 29 & 30: Google Analytics Partner Summit, Mountain View, CA. This is one of my favorite events. I’ve been a GACP since 2005 and have many, many friends in the program. Can’t wait to hear about the exciting things that our partners are doing.

November 26: Google Analytics Event, Colombia. Details coming soon.

November 28: Google Analytics Event, Argentina. Details coming soon.

November 30: Google Analytics Event, Brazil. Details coming soon.

December 4: Direct Marketing Association NCDM conference, Orlando, FL. Sunny Orlando! Hope to hit Lego Land while I’m there. Will be talking about Digital Analytics and all the cool things we can offer to traditional DM marketers.

If you’re at any of those events please be sure to say hi. I’d love to hear what you’re doing with analytics, what you love, what drive you crazy… or just leave a comment!

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