Getting Started with Google Tag Manager

If you’re new to Google Tag Manager, or container tags in general, check out these posts. I tried to organize them in a logical way:

1. All About Google Tag Manager
2. Implementing Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager
3.Preview and Publishing Tags with Google Tag Manager

More coming soon :)

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    1. says

      We’re excited for Google Tag Manager but one problem we noticed is the hassle it can be spending a lot of time searching for those tags in your website’s code, especially as a marketer. So we created a tool that finds tags in your website’s code and generates a report of all tag locations for you. will save so much time automatically pulling tag locations for you and sending you a report, definitely worth a look.

    2. says

      Hi Justin

      I have some trouble using the tag manager.
      I can’t seem to track events in my Google Analytics account using the Tag Manager.
      This is how my setup looks like:

      I have two tags in my container:
      Google Analytics tag for tracking pageviews;
      and another Google Analytics tag to track events.
      I’ve setup the tracking parameters with custom macros and added the wright code to my website ( onclick=”dataLayer.push({‘categorie': ‘quote’, ‘event': ‘click’, ‘label': ‘open form’}) )

      Still, I cant see any events occurring within Analytics.

      Any ideas?



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