Analytics Academy: A new way to learn about digital analytics

Looking to learn more about digital analytics and Google Analytics? Trying to stay up to date on the most recent advancements in the digital measurement industry? Then check out a course at Analytics Academy, the new learning platform from Google Analytics.

The first course, Digital Analytics Fundamentals, will begin on October 8, 2013. You can sign up to participate here. Need more details, check out a short introduction.

Before we get into class details, I want to talk about Analytics Academy as a platform because it’s not a singular course.

There are some pretty cool features that we hope will give each course a personal touch and help everyone student succeed.

Engaging video lessons

We feel that video is a really engaging medium. And it’s not just an instructor scribbling notes. We’ve tried to really refine the video and add a lot of production. Each lesson is a video between 3 and 10 minutes. There are 22 videos in our first course.

Each Analytics Academy lesson consists of a video and assessment.

Each Analytics Academy lesson consists of a video and assessment.

Side note: the most challenging part of teaching analytics is maintaing the content. Analytics changes fast – and I’m not just talking about Google Analytics. We’re seeing new concepts, like attribution and tag management, changing quickly. But the team is committed to keeping the content up-to-date and fresh.

Assessments to test your progress

Each lesson will also contain a brief assessment to test your knowledge of the subject matter. Don’t worry, it’s not a long, drawn-out test. Just a short quiz to reinforce the main learning ideas.

A community of support

Each instructor led course will also include a Google Group for support. This will be a great place to ask any type of question.

Teaching assistants, who are experts in Google Analytics, will also participate in the group to help students.

I really think this will differentiate Analytics Academy. The personal touch is huge.

Side note! I want to thank to all the Googlers that are helping out and participating. These folks are donating their time because they are passionate about analytics and helping others.

Google's Analytics Academy will consist of course materials, hangouts and a support community.

Google’s Analytics Academy will consist of course materials, hangouts and a support community.

Hangouts to reinforce and excite

Another way we hope to provide a human touch to Analytics Academy is via Google+ hangouts. During each course we’ll have at least one hangout to discuss the course content. We’ll use the time to reinforce concepts and clear up any major issues that students have.

The hangouts will also include a special guest! You might want to tune in even if you’re not part of the course.

Certificate of completion

At the end of the course we’ll be offering a certificate of completion. To earn the certificate you must score 80% or better. Don’t worry, you can take the test as many times as you want (or need :) ).

Note, this certificate of completion is not the same as the Google Analytics IQ exam. That is an additional test that requires a bit more work to pass.

Let’s take a look at the schedule for the first course, Digital Analytics Fundamentals:

Oct 1: Course opens for registration!
Oct 8: Units 1-4 will be available, Google Group opens for discussions.
Oct 15: Live Hangout #1, Units 2-6 open for access.
Oct 22: Live Hangout #2
Oct 30: Course closes, get your certificate by this date!

Can’t make the course? No problem, you can access the content on Analytics Academy any time.

A Personal Note of Thanks

I’m really proud of the work that the GA Education team has done on Analytics Academy.

Digital analytics is a transformative subject. It can truly change how a business makes both strategic and tactical decisions. And Google Analytics is an amazing product. It has a lot of advanced features, like user segmentation and attribution modeling. But these features can go unused if a user doesn’t understand why or how to use them.

We really hope to empower everyone that wants to use data to make better decisions. This is just the beginning.

A huge congratulations to the entire Analytics Education team, and specifically Christina, Gary, Kathy, Andrei, Yauhen, Alden and Adam for launching Analytics Academy.

We hope to see you in class!

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    1. says

      I appreciate this class to help get the analytics right.
      Does google offer classes in learning other tools that help small businesses? Like setting up merchant accounts, using tasks and calendars in groups? Setting up Wallet?

      • says

        @Sharon: Each product is a bit different, so I’m not sure if there are other classes for other products. But we’re hoping that this class helps everyone interested in using Analytics!

    2. says

      Oh! I had learn the UNIT 1- Course Overview and now want to learn Unit 2 – Getting started with digital analytics bu not getting the link to proceed. Please help me … I am curious to learn more.

    3. Tony says

      Hi sir, I can’t find anywhere the information on the fees required for taking the Analytics Academy courses and the testing after the course (and where and how can I pay for them). Is the Analytics Academy free of charge for the participants? If not, please tell me how much the fees cost and where and how could they be paid.

    4. Adam says

      Dear Justin,

      thank you for your preview on the course about digital analytics. Is the course free of charge?


    5. says

      Hi Justin, just a question that I was confused.

      The units 1 to 4 will be available on Oct 8 and the units 2 to 6 on Oct 15. The lounching units separation are correct? It won`t be 1 to 4 and 5 and 6 or any other separation?

      Regards and tks about this academy project.

      Bruno Martos

    6. Josi Mathar says

      Hi Justin,

      I’m very keen to take the course however the timing is not exactly ideal for me. Is there a course in November too? How often will this course be available?

      The schedule doesn’t indicate times only says “opens”. Also I am not sure what units means?

      Thanks for clarifying. Best wishes, Josi

      • says

        @Josi: The course can be taken at your own pace. There is no formal schedule. The only hard-dates are the hangouts.

        ‘Open’ means that the course material will become available and the support message board will open for all users.

        Hope that helps!


        • Josi Mathar says

          @Justin: Thanks Justin. At my own pace over the course of 8th to 30th October and hang-outs are 15th and 22nd if I’m not mistaken. Also, these are not mandatory yet useful if I’d have questions?!



      • says

        @ranyererodrigues: Eventually the content on Analytics Academy will support the GAIQ. But it’s not there yet. You can use the Analytics Academy to augment the material for the GAIQ.

        • ranyererodrigues says

          Thanks for clarifying, Justin!

          My GAIQ certificate expired this past October. I’m about to take it again, however before doing that and in order to go through all my notes, is the test nowadays based on ga.js, analytics.js or a blend?

          With this ongoing GA upheaval it would be helpful if the Google Analytics team could make available some overall guidance for those wanting to take the certificate.


          • says

            Thanks for the question and sorry for the confusion. Things are changing fast and we need to do a better job clarifying educational opportunities. We’re moving all educational materials from ga.js to analytics.js. All of our Analytics Academy courses will be based on analytics.js. The GAIQ test is now based on analytics.js as well. Hope that helps.

    7. says

      I successfully registered for the class on Oct 8th. How do I access the course? Will I be prompted to begin? I went to FAQ and couldn’t find an answer. Thanks again for allowing me to learn from you.

    8. says

      Looking forward to the course material, and learning more about Google Analytics. I’ve got some books on Analytics and content management, and I even follow Avinash Kaushik’s blog, etc., but this is a unique opportunity, especially for beginners and intermediate practitioners.
      Thanks for this.

    9. says

      I have done the pre-course survey, read the FAQs and the Course Overview.
      How do I proceed to Course 2. It does not have a link.
      Also I have my speakers on but get no sound from your voice.
      I have registered for the course.

    10. says

      Hi Justin Cutroni,
      I have been trying to register myself for the course for some time now,
      But when I try to register, Chrome gives me in error of ‘Unable to load page’ . Please help me as I am really interested taking it up and learn google analytics from you.


    11. Vagelis says

      Hi Justin,

      For us who only have the GAIQ (but I don’t see it on Google Partners), are you planning to include it within the Google Partners page (the way you have Display exams, Fundamentals etc)?
      In other words, in which page are you planning to include the Google Analytics exams? On Google Partners or somewhere else?
      A response for this would be greatly appreciated!
      Thank you!

      • says

        @Vagelis: No, we do not plan to include GAIQ individuals with the GA Partners. The GA Partner program is different than the IQ exam. You are encouraged to list your GA IQ qualification on your resume or personal site. But there are just too many people for us to add to a page.

    12. says

      Hi Justin,

      Thank you very much for creating a valuable course of Google Analytics (G.A). I’ve learned all course units and took the final assessment. Your course helped me understand a lot about G.A and discover features that I haven’t used before. Now I’ve learned some important concepts and I want to start practicing; That’s why I search for “e-commerce plan with google analytics” and come to your blog. Thank you once again.

    13. says

      Hi Justin,
      How are you? I am preparing for the Digital Analytics assessment and I have a couple of questions, i) what is the duration of the final assessment ii) Will there be multiple attempts that I can take just incase I don’t clear it in the 1st attempt (i am new to the analytic world) within Oct 30th? How will I receive the certificate? iv) I want to be updated about such courses and about the happenings in Google Analytics, Digital Analyitcs and about Analytics in general, how do I be a part of such groups (in particular to things hosted by you and your team)? iv) I am using Google Analytics in terms of reporting in my Organization, how best can I master this tool to build on this in my career also give the best insight to the Organization as I am not currently at the level of making decisions or building startegic objs (management level)? Awaiting for your response.

    14. says

      I cleared the course :) Scored 93%
      Got to learn a lot from the course. The assessments made the course interesting.

      Now I am already to go for GAIQ.
      Looking forward for more such short courses.

    15. says

      Hi Justin great course – been using GA for a few years but still found a lot of interesting tips.

      Whats the best way to save the pass certificate? When I got to “View source” there is no image file?



    16. Shelley says

      Hi – I just found this course today … I’m so excited about it! I’m desperately trying to get through all of it plus take the assessment before 11:59pm PST tomorrow. If I can’t finish by then, when is the next time the assessment will be available? I understand that the content will be available, but not sure about the assessment. Thanks!

    17. Muhammad Aslam says

      Hi Sir,

      I want to thank you to your great cooperation with us, now I have two google analytics certifications, Google Analytics Individual Qualificaton and Google analytics academy certification, I learn lot from your blog.

    18. Madalina says

      Hi Justin,
      It was such a great idea this project!
      I’m wondering is it’s gonna be another round of courses because sadly i didn’t had the time to take the whole course:(

      Thank you so much,

    19. Christopher says

      How often will Google run these courses, as I have just joined up but will miss the certification, which had a deadline of yesterday!


      • says

        @Christopher: The course material will always be available. However, you can only earn a certificate when the course is in session. We’re still trying to figure out how often we will run the course.


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