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You’ve reached the online hub for Justin Cutroni.

I’m currently the Analytics Advocate at Google. What does an Analytics Advocate actually do? Great question:

1. I work with our educational teams and drive the content strategy.

2. I work with our product team and provide real-user feedback on our features.

3. I work with sales and marketing teams to help evangelize our analytics products.

I really dig my job.

I’ve written three books:

  • Google Analytics published by O’Rielly, June 2010. This book is for the advanced GA user. It dives into many advanced topics, like custom variables, that Performance Marketing does not cover. This book is all about GA. This book was translated into Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Performance Marketing with Google Analytics, Wiley 2010. This book was written for those just getting started with web analytics and Google analytics. It’s for the beginner that needs to understand how to do a basic setup of GA and how to do basic analysis.
  • Google Analytics Short Cut published by O’Reilly, August 2007. This is the original version of Google Analytics from above. This book was translated into French.

I’m available to connect at:

I do a fair amount of speaking, you can read more about my theory on presenting and view a sample of my previous presentations on my Speaking Engagement page.

If you’d like me to speak at an event you can contact me.

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