Introducing Google Analytics v4

Google introduced a new version of Google Analytics today, filled with new features to make analysts and marketers drool. Included in this new release is: New and Improved Goals (20 goals per profile and new ‘threshold’ goals based on pageviews and time on site) New mobile tracking Table Filtering (a way to quickly filter data […]

Google Analytics Version 3.0


Today Google is releasing a significant update to Google Analytics. I’m not sure if it is officially version 3.0, but the amount of new functionality is extraordinary. Not to mention some nice changes to the interface to clean things up. This new release includes: * Motion Charts (a data visualization tool) * Advanced Segmentation * […]

Google Analytics Compliance with WAA Standard Metrics

Following the lead of Dennis Mortensen (founder of IndexTools, Director of Insights at Yahoo!, WAA board member and all around good guy) I’ve decided to identify just how compliant GA is with these standards. Below is a list of all standards defined in the WAA metrics definitions document and GA compliance with each definition. GA […]