How Does Google Analytics Track Conversion Referrals?

Visitor campaign information is stored in a cookie on the visitor’s machine. This cookie stores the referral information for the visitor’s session. This cookie tracks organic referrals, tagged campaign links, un-tagged referral links and direct visits. Each time a visitor visits your site the Google Analytics Tracking code updates this cookie with the appropriate campaign […]

Getting More out of Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytics Goal Verification Report

Setting up goals in Google Analytics is a vital step in monitoring the success of your website. While it is not necessary, setting up goals helps you harness the complete power of the application. Most people usually set up goals and scrutinize the conversion rate. I’m not going to comment on conversion rate, Avinash has […]

What is $Index?

Alex had a very interesting post yesterday about optimizing your site using Google Analytics. He explained how to evaluate the value of certain pages on your site using the page $Index value. But what is $Index and how is it calculated? Here’s what the Google Analytics help documents say about $Index: In addition, the $Index […]