Full Funnel: Google Analytics Measures Social Media

Google Analytics Social Media Reports

We all love social media. We all use it all the time. As analyst and marketers we’re trying to define the business value of social. But the measurement is challenging. We’re trying to change that with Google Analytics and have introduced a set of Social Media reports to help measure the value of social. I […]

Creating an Ecommerce Tracking Plan for Google Analytics

The REI Ecommerce Website

Someone asked me how I would set up Google Analytics for an ecommerce website. And, before I get into all of the setup details, I wanted to lay the foundation from a business perspective. I’ll describe the Google Analytics features and how to configure them in another post. So this post is all about my […]

Building a Mobile Ecommerce Dashboard in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Dashboard for Mobile

Recently, at the GAUGE conference, I talked about Google Analytics custom reports and dashboards. During the dashboards section of the talk I walked the group through the process of setting upa dashboard. As an example I created a dashboard for a fictional ecommerce website. After the talk someone came up to me and asked if […]

Path Analysis in Google Analytics with Flow Visualization

Google Analytics Flow Visualization Report

Google Recently announced a new feature in Google Analytics, Flow Visualization. These reports, the Visit Flow report, Navigation Flow report, and Goal Flow report are a new take on analyzing how people navigate through content. For a long time click path analysis was not really possible in Google Analytics. Sure, we had the Navigation Summary […]