Google Analytics & Feedburner: A Love-Hate Relationship

Default Feedburner settings for Google Analytics.

I love Feedburner. For those that are unfamiliar with Feedburner, it tracks how many people subscribe to an RSS feed, the various applications that access your feed, and how many people take action on your content. It will even track how many people subscribe via email. All wonderful metrics related to interaction with your syndicated […]

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

Multi-Channel Reporting in Google Anlaytics

This week at Ad:Tech San Francisco I joined Amy Chang and Laura Holmes onstage to discuss a common problem that many marketers have: measuring how many digital channels work together to drive conversions. During our presentation Amy announced an amazing new feature called Multi-Channel Funnels. This awesome feature is a series of marketing attribution reports […]

Tracking Internal Campaigns with Google Analytics

Internal ticket sale campaign on

Internal campaigns are marketing efforts that are run on your site and promote your products and services. Here’s an example from the Boton Red Sox site. They’re using ads on the homepage to promote ticket sales. Companies should track how people react to these campaigns and which ones are most successful. But what’s the best […]

Google Tackles Campaign Attribution with AdWords Search Funnels

The Google Analytics Path

There’s been a lot of debate in the analytics community about campaign attribution and how to assign value to the various marketing touch-points that lead to conversions. If you’re new Campaign Attribution you should check out the book Web Analytics 2.0, it has a good, functional overview of the attribution challenge. Throughout the discussion it […]

Find Out When Your Campaigns Suck with GA Custom Reports

Campaigns by Hour of Day

One thing that I like about Google Analytics custom reports is the ability to actually do analysis with this feature. Sure, custom reports is a great way to change how data is displayed (for the annoying manager that only wants to see visits), but the reporting framework also offers a great way to do quicker, […]

Tracking Email with Google Analytics

Use Tiny URL to shorten an ugly looking tagged URL.

In the past few weeks I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to track email with Google Analytics. While I did cover the broad topic of online ad tracking in a previous series of posts, email tracking has certain nuances that I think should be addressed. The Concept Tracking email campaigns in Google Analytics […]