Tracking YouTube Videos with Google Analytics

YouTube Insight: Information about those viewing your videos on

A while back, Google Analytics and YouTube introduced YouTube Insight, a tool to provide more information about the people viewing your videos on It’s pretty cool stuff and if you’re posting videos to YouTube it provides a lot of great information. But what about YouTube videos that are embedded in a site? What’s the […]

Google Analytics Campaign Tracking Pt. 2: The EpikOne Link Tagging Tool

EpikOne Link Tagging Tool

In Part 1 of this series I explained that Google Analytics campaign tracking is based on a technology called link tagging. Link tagging is the process of adding business information to the URLs that we use in our on-line ads. But how do we actually tag these links? Some marketing campaigns can have hundreds, or […]

Google Analytics Campaign Tracking Pt. 1: Link Tagging

Campaign Conversion Reports

What is Link Tagging? To track your marketing campaigns Google Analytics uses a technology called link tagging. This provides a fine level of detail about marketing efforts. The data we gather from link tagging helps us make informed business decisions about our marketing spend. With link tagging, we add additional information to the destination URL […]

How Does Google Analytics Track Conversion Referrals?

Visitor campaign information is stored in a cookie on the visitor’s machine. This cookie stores the referral information for the visitor’s session. This cookie tracks organic referrals, tagged campaign links, un-tagged referral links and direct visits. Each time a visitor visits your site the Google Analytics Tracking code updates this cookie with the appropriate campaign […]