Building a Mobile Ecommerce Dashboard in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Dashboard for Mobile

Recently, at the GAUGE conference, I talked about Google Analytics custom reports and dashboards. During the dashboards section of the talk I walked the group through the process of setting upa dashboard. As an example I created a dashboard for a fictional ecommerce website. After the talk someone came up to me and asked if […]

Google Analytics Real Time: Real Time Data for Real Time Decisions


Google Analytics now contains a series of real-time reports that measure what’s happening on your site in real time. These reports will roll out in the next 1 to 2 weeks. I’ve long railed against real-time data. I’ve said that businesses don’t need real time data. It’s very hard to action on time data. I’ve […]

Understanding Google Analytics Custom Reports

Google Analytics Flat Table Report

One of the major new enhancements in Google Analytics is a revamped custom reporting tool. While the core of custom reporting has stayed the same, there are some new bells-and-whistles that really make it more useful. One of the major paradigm shifts of the new GA is the move to more customization. Just look at […]