Google Analytics Compliance with WAA Standard Metrics

Following the lead of Dennis Mortensen (founder of IndexTools, Director of Insights at Yahoo!, WAA board member and all around good guy) I’ve decided to identify just how compliant GA is with these standards. Below is a list of all standards defined in the WAA metrics definitions document and GA compliance with each definition. GA […]

New and Improved GA.JS Documentation

Along with some other features, Google Analytics today launched Google Analytics Custom Tracking. This is a new website (, a section of that deals with the Google Analytics Tracking Code. The site does a nice job of pulling together information about ga.js and Event Tracking. Plus it has a snazzy movie of Avinash, what […]

My Regular Expression Tool Box


Love em or hate em, regular expression are a part of Google Analytics. They provide a lot flexibility but at a price. Small mistakes can become magnified and result in poor data quality. I know there’s a lot of information out there about regular expressions, but I wanted to simplify the topic. In my opinion, […]

Regular Expression Testing Tool

Over the past few months, Robbin Steif from LunaMetrics has been writing a series of posts about regular expressions. The series is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone learning reg ex (as the geeks call it). In one of Robbin’s posts she mentions a small, reg ex testing tool that we have on […]

Tools for Debugging Google Analytics

I spend lots of time working with Google Analytics. Over the past year I’ve discovered a number of tools that are helpful when debugging GA issues. Here is my list of must-have tools for the GA developer. If you have a tool that you think I should add to the list please let me know […]