Make GA Data Quality Suck Less!

Google Analytics Lowercase Filter

We all know that data quality sucks! But there are a few, vital steps that you can take to insure that your Google Analytics data is as accurate as possible. Remember, accurate data makes for happy, and accurate, analysts. Here are three simple tips that can help make your data more accurate. 1. Eliminate Duplicate […]

Integrating Google Analytics With a CRM


A lot of people ask about integrating Google Analytics data with other types of data. Most people are interested in some type of CRM integration so that’s what I’m going to write about. Let me start by saying that there is no API to Google Analytics. There is no formal way to pull data out […]

Time-On-Page Goals in Google Analytics & Website Optimizer

Goal Settings for Time on Page Goal

Today the Website Optimizer team introduced some new features that will make Optimizer much easier to use. I’m going to defer to the guys at GrokDotCom for coverage on the new features. They got their post up pretty fast and included a snazzy interview with Tom Leung (the Website Optimizer product manager). Please take a […]

Segmenting Visitor Loyalty Reports in GA

Include filter for segmentation

[ UPDATED: I’ve added some more information re: filtering direct and referral traffic. ] This is a quick post. The goal is to help all you GA users that read Avinash’s most recent post about measuring success for non-e-commerce sites. Avinash lays out three recommendations including: 3. Segment the data! For Visitor Loyalty or Length […]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: GA Account Setup Tip

The Breakup

This post is for all you contractors and agencies out there that are setting up Google Analytics for your clients. I want to help your relationship. No, not the relationship between you and your significant other. The relationship between you and your client. One of the biggest problems I see when working with companies is […]

Track your Google Analytics Changes

Whenever I work with a client the first thing I do is create a change log for Google Analytics. I create a very basic spreadsheet (usually suing Google Spreadsheets so I can share it with the client) and use it to record every modification I make to their GA settings. The file is not overly […]