Making Google Analytics Content Reports more Readable

Filter Settings

I was teaching a class on Google Analytics last week. The audience was non-technical and the session focused on how to effectively use GA reports and the most efficient way to communicate data to clients. While browsing the Content Optimization reports one of the antendees made a great observation. She commented that viewing ‘hits’ based […]

Getting More out of Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytics Goal Verification Report

Setting up goals in Google Analytics is a vital step in monitoring the success of your website. While it is not necessary, setting up goals helps you harness the complete power of the application. Most people usually set up goals and scrutinize the conversion rate. I’m not going to comment on conversion rate, Avinash has […]

Count Me Out!

Filter to exclude user defined cookie.

To keep your Google Analytics data pure you should remove all traffic generated by yourself or others that may not be real visitors. For example, if your company has a large call center you should remove the traffic they generate because it will skew your analytics data. To remove this data we usually use an […]

Creating Test Profiles in Google Analytics

One major drawback to Google Analytics is that you can not re-process your historical data. This means that once Google Analytics has processed your data it is final. What’s in your reports stays in your reports. If you make a mistake with a filter then the result will be permanent! Before you make any changes […]