Check Your Spreadsheet

Yesterday I posted about liberating your data from your analytics application. In that post I mentioned that Microsoft Excel is a great data analysis tool to use when exporting information out of your web analytics application. Just now I sat down and read yesterday’s Wall Street Journal and the Talking Tech column by Lee Gomes […]

Set Your Data Free

One of my rants is about web analytics data. Not how accurate it is, but where it belongs. For the majority of people the default reports in a given web analytics package are completely adequate. New visitors, returning visitors, campaign tracking, click path analysis… they’re all very helpful and can be used to optimize your […]

Google Analytics Installation Guide

Today Google Analytics posted a Google Analytics Installation guide on their help site. This nine-step document provides an organized process you should follow when planning a Google Analytics installation. To further demystify the installation and configuration process I’ll post more information about each step mentioned in the guide. My goal is to help everyone grasp […]

Google Training Update

Today was day 3 of our Google Enterprise Partner training and I’m starting to get a bit fried. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying the training. The Search Appliance and mini are amazing products… but it’s tough to concentrate on training all day and then deal with all the client work that piles up […]

Heading West

This week I’ll be in Mountain View, CA for training at Google. The training will cover the Google Search Appliance and the Google Mini. I’m pretty psyched, it’s always fun to go to the Googleplex. Sure, everyone talks about the great food and the free snacks. But I like meeting all the enthusiastic people. Everyone […]