Measuring the Non-Profit: From Planning to Implementation

Every non-profit needs to define a measurement plan to better understand their performance.

This is a post that I’m excited to write. I was talking to my friend Leslie, who does marketing for Google for Non-Profits. She helps non-profits use Google tools to be more successful. We were chatting about a framework that they can use to measure their non-profit more effectively. Let’s walk through the measurement planning […]

Google Analytics Real Time: Real Time Data for Real Time Decisions


Google Analytics now contains a series of real-time reports that measure what’s happening on your site in real time. These reports will roll out in the next 1 to 2 weeks. I’ve long railed against real-time data. I’ve said that businesses don’t need real time data. It’s very hard to action on time data. I’ve […]

Merging Google Analytics with your Data Warehouse

Designing your data warehouse.

Many of the projects that I’ve been working on over the last 6 to 9 months have evolved to include more and more data integration. Specifically companies are looking to import more Google Analytics data into other systems to do various types of analysis. Data integration is nothing new, companies have been doing it for […]

Introducing Cardinal Path: An Analytics Consultancy

Cardnial Path

When I started my job at WebShare 12 months ago I knew it was going to be a big challenge. I was joining a very talented team that was looking to expand rapidly. In fact when I talked to Corey and Dave, the owners of WebShare, about this challenge I wanted a commitment that they […]

Celebrating Our Analytics Relationships


On this day that we celebrate love and relationships let’s think about all the analytics relationships that are so critical to our success! What? You’ve never thought about analytics relationships? Well, they abound everywhere. The life of a web analyst is very much the the same as the life of a relationship counselor. We’re constantly […]