Google Tackles Campaign Attribution with AdWords Search Funnels

The Google Analytics Path

There’s been a lot of debate in the analytics community about campaign attribution and how to assign value to the various marketing touch-points that lead to conversions. If you’re new Campaign Attribution you should check out the book Web Analytics 2.0, it has a good, functional overview of the attribution challenge. Throughout the discussion it […]

Segmentation Options in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Browsers Report

As web analysts we live and die by segmentation. Without the ability to segment traffic we can not isolate which segments are producing and which need improvement. Google Analytics offers many different ways to segment data. Each has pros and cons but there is always a way to get the data you need…. well, almost […]

Tracking Email with Google Analytics

Use Tiny URL to shorten an ugly looking tagged URL.

In the past few weeks I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to track email with Google Analytics. While I did cover the broad topic of online ad tracking in a previous series of posts, email tracking has certain nuances that I think should be addressed. The Concept Tracking email campaigns in Google Analytics […]

Google Analytics Compliance with WAA Standard Metrics

Following the lead of Dennis Mortensen (founder of IndexTools, Director of Insights at Yahoo!, WAA board member and all around good guy) I’ve decided to identify just how compliant GA is with these standards. Below is a list of all standards defined in the WAA metrics definitions document and GA compliance with each definition. GA […]

Web Analytics: It’s About Process

Business Process

Manoj Jasra asked me to write a small piece about the most common web analytics ‘pain’ that many of my clients feel. Thanks Manoj for the invitation! I’m honored that you asked. If you haven’t read the post you can find it here: Identifying & Solving Client Pains: Part 2. Sure, many of my clients […]

Who’s Responsible for Google Analytics?

Who in your organization is responsible for Google Analytics? If you’re a small business owner you probably wear many hats, including analyst, so you’re responsible for GA configuration and reporting. If you’re an enterprise size company you probably have an analytics group that is responsible for your analytics tools and distributing the data throughout the […]