Measuring Internal Site Search with Google Analytics

GA Dynamic Content Report

Do you have a ‘search’ box on your website? If so, it’s collecting some amazing analytics data. The search terms that visitors use to search your site litereally ‘tells’ you what they’re looking for. Are you ‘listening? If you’re using Google Analytics you can ‘listen’ to your visitors. It’s a conversation you don’t want to […]

Please Configure Google Analytics Correctly

We all know that web analytics data quality sucks and we’re all OK with that. Thanks Avinash! But there comes a point when the data quality is just abysmal. This usually means that there is something wrong with the web analytics application configuration. That’s why I’m writing this post. I’ve seen too many clients struggle […]

Tools fo Debugging Urchin Software

I’ve been writing about Google Analytics a lot lately and think it’s time for an Urchin post. I know Urchin isn’t as new and exciting as Google Anlytics, but it is a fantastics web analytics package. It can process huge chunks of data quickly and provides great reporting at an amazing price. One of my […]

Track your Google Analytics Changes

Whenever I work with a client the first thing I do is create a change log for Google Analytics. I create a very basic spreadsheet (usually suing Google Spreadsheets so I can share it with the client) and use it to record every modification I make to their GA settings. The file is not overly […]

Making Google Analytics Content Reports more Readable

Filter Settings

I was teaching a class on Google Analytics last week. The audience was non-technical and the session focused on how to effectively use GA reports and the most efficient way to communicate data to clients. While browsing the Content Optimization reports one of the antendees made a great observation. She commented that viewing ‘hits’ based […]