Tools for Debugging Google Analytics

I spend lots of time working with Google Analytics. Over the past year I’ve discovered a number of tools that are helpful when debugging GA issues. Here is my list of must-have tools for the GA developer. If you have a tool that you think I should add to the list please let me know […]

How to Import MSN Cost Data Into Urchin

Everyone talks about Google Analytics and its integration with AdWords. Sure, it’s really cool. But what about other CPC systems? People seem to forget that you can track AND import ALL CPC campaigns and cost data in Urchin. Yahoo!, AdWords, MSN… You can import cost data for all these services, that’s a feature that currently […]

More Urchin Reports for Daypart Tracking

Campaign Keyword Conversions per Hour

Yesterday I posted a custom Urchin report for tracking the success of Google AdWords ad scheduling (aka dayparting). Last night I decided to take the report one step further. The new report allows you to drill down from a campaign, to the Keywords within that campaign and finally to the hour of the goal conversion. […]

Urchin Report for Daypart Tracking

Urchin 5 Campaign Conversions per Hour

Last week Google announced that AdWords would support ad scheduling. This means that you, as an AdWords user, can schedule exactly when your ads display. Here’s the official post from the AdWords team: Ad scheduling (also known as “dayparting”) lets you tell Google exactly when you want your ads to run, and more importantly — […]

Who’s Responsible for Google Analytics?

Who in your organization is responsible for Google Analytics? If you’re a small business owner you probably wear many hats, including analyst, so you’re responsible for GA configuration and reporting. If you’re an enterprise size company you probably have an analytics group that is responsible for your analytics tools and distributing the data throughout the […]