Google Analytics Launches new AdWords Reports & Other Goodies

Today at Emetrics, Brett Crosby announced a number of new features and recapped some recent changes to Google Analytics. Here’s a quick video recap of the announcement and some thoughts on the changes. Specific things that Brett talked about: The rebranding of Google Analytics consultants as Google Analytics authorized partners. This was announced on the […]

Google Tackles Campaign Attribution with AdWords Search Funnels

The Google Analytics Path

There’s been a lot of debate in the analytics community about campaign attribution and how to assign value to the various marketing touch-points that lead to conversions. If you’re new Campaign Attribution you should check out the book Web Analytics 2.0, it has a good, functional overview of the attribution challenge. Throughout the discussion it […]

Google Analytics: Thoughts on the Future


I am continuously amazed at how fast our industry changes. In the two years since Google Analytics was launched we’ve seen Web Analytics grow in popularity and web analysts become highly prized in the marketplace. Many people attribute the change to Google Analytics which got me thinking about GA and how it may evolve in […]

Urchin Report for Daypart Tracking

Urchin 5 Campaign Conversions per Hour

Last week Google announced that AdWords would support ad scheduling. This means that you, as an AdWords user, can schedule exactly when your ads display. Here’s the official post from the AdWords team: Ad scheduling (also known as “dayparting”) lets you tell Google exactly when you want your ads to run, and more importantly — […]