2012 Google Analytics Summit Recap

2012 Google Analytics Summit

It was a busy week at the 2012 Google Analytics summit. If you’re in the online marketing space you’ve probably heard many of the announcements and some of the features we’ll all see in 2013. Here’s my recap of what’s coming from Google Analytics. Universal Analytics This was the big news. Universal Analytics is the […]

Universal Analytics: The Next Generation of Google Analytics

Universal Analytics: The next generation of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is introducing a number of new technologies, collectively called Universal Analytics, that will create a better way for businesses to measure their digital world. The cornerstone change in Universal Analytics is that Google Analytics is becoming user or customer centric rather than visit centric. This paradigm, sometimes called customer centricity, more closely aligns […]

The Google Analytics Social Data Hub – More than Meets the Eye?

Google Analytics Announces Social Data Hub

You may have heard that Google recently announced a new Social Media Data Hub. This is the nerdy first step in a series of upcoming social media reports that will probably launch in 2012. Basically, Google will allow social media sites (Digg, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to send data to Google Analytics. What type of data? […]

Google Analytics Launches new AdWords Reports & Other Goodies

Today at Emetrics, Brett Crosby announced a number of new features and recapped some recent changes to Google Analytics. Here’s a quick video recap of the announcement and some thoughts on the changes. Specific things that Brett talked about: The rebranding of Google Analytics consultants as Google Analytics authorized partners. This was announced on the […]