Creating an Ecommerce Tracking Plan for Google Analytics

The REI Ecommerce Website

Someone asked me how I would set up Google Analytics for an ecommerce website. And, before I get into all of the setup details, I wanted to lay the foundation from a business perspective. I’ll describe the Google Analytics features and how to configure them in another post. So this post is all about my […]

Celebrating Our Analytics Relationships


On this day that we celebrate love and relationships let’s think about all the analytics relationships that are so critical to our success! What? You’ve never thought about analytics relationships? Well, they abound everywhere. The life of a web analyst is very much the the same as the life of a relationship counselor. We’re constantly […]

Who’s Responsible for Google Analytics?

Who in your organization is responsible for Google Analytics? If you’re a small business owner you probably wear many hats, including analyst, so you’re responsible for GA configuration and reporting. If you’re an enterprise size company you probably have an analytics group that is responsible for your analytics tools and distributing the data throughout the […]

Heading West

This week I’ll be in Mountain View, CA for training at Google. The training will cover the Google Search Appliance and the Google Mini. I’m pretty psyched, it’s always fun to go to the Googleplex. Sure, everyone talks about the great food and the free snacks. But I like meeting all the enthusiastic people. Everyone […]