Analytics Questions & Answers: Volume 1

Exclude Query String Parameters

There are a lot of GA users. As a matter of fact, in Google’s Q1 2012 earnings call it was revealed that GA is being used on 10MM sites. That’s a lot of data and and a lot users! Those users generate a lot of questions. Earlier this week I solicited questions on Google+. I […]

Google Analytics & Feedburner: A Love-Hate Relationship

Default Feedburner settings for Google Analytics.

I love Feedburner. For those that are unfamiliar with Feedburner, it tracks how many people subscribe to an RSS feed, the various applications that access your feed, and how many people take action on your content. It will even track how many people subscribe via email. All wonderful metrics related to interaction with your syndicated […]

Google Analytics Real Time: Real Time Data for Real Time Decisions


Google Analytics now contains a series of real-time reports that measure what’s happening on your site in real time. These reports will roll out in the next 1 to 2 weeks. I’ve long railed against real-time data. I’ve said that businesses don’t need real time data. It’s very hard to action on time data. I’ve […]

Tracking Internal Campaigns with Google Analytics

Internal ticket sale campaign on

Internal campaigns are marketing efforts that are run on your site and promote your products and services. Here’s an example from the Boton Red Sox site. They’re using ads on the homepage to promote ticket sales. Companies should track how people react to these campaigns and which ones are most successful. But what’s the best […]

Google Analytics Campaign Tracking Pt. 2: The EpikOne Link Tagging Tool

EpikOne Link Tagging Tool

In Part 1 of this series I explained that Google Analytics campaign tracking is based on a technology called link tagging. Link tagging is the process of adding business information to the URLs that we use in our on-line ads. But how do we actually tag these links? Some marketing campaigns can have hundreds, or […]

How Does Google Analytics Track Conversion Referrals?

Visitor campaign information is stored in a cookie on the visitor’s machine. This cookie stores the referral information for the visitor’s session. This cookie tracks organic referrals, tagged campaign links, un-tagged referral links and direct visits. Each time a visitor visits your site the Google Analytics Tracking code updates this cookie with the appropriate campaign […]