New and Improved GA.JS Documentation

Along with some other features, Google Analytics today launched Google Analytics Custom Tracking. This is a new website (, a section of that deals with the Google Analytics Tracking Code. The site does a nice job of pulling together information about ga.js and Event Tracking. Plus it has a snazzy movie of Avinash, what […]

Google Analytics: Thoughts on the Future


I am continuously amazed at how fast our industry changes. In the two years since Google Analytics was launched we’ve seen Web Analytics grow in popularity and web analysts become highly prized in the marketplace. Many people attribute the change to Google Analytics which got me thinking about GA and how it may evolve in […]

New Google Analytics Features & Announcements

Today Google announced a number of new features for Google Analytics. I’m really excited about these features because they will greatly improve our ability to understand our site site visitors and what they want to do. You should know that this is a true beta. Google is taking signups for the new features and they […]

Automatic Outbound Link Tracking

With the release of the new GA.JS tracking code Google Analytics now supports automatic outbound link tracking. No more adding urchinTracking() to links! In order to get outbound link tracking to work you need to migrate to the new ga.js. I don’t have any reports to show you, but hope to have some soon.