Event Tracking Pt. 3: Reporting & Analysis

This is part three of a three part series about event tracking in Google Analytics. You can find more information in these other posts: Event Tracking Pt. 1: Overview & Data Model Event Tracking Pt. 2: Implementation I wrote this post before having access to the new events reports. As a result, I don’t have […]

New GA Feature: Sticky Filters

Keyword report filter.

This is a pretty cool feature that most people don’t know about. I’m not really sure if it’s officially called ‘Sticky Filters’, but that’s the term I’m going to use. If you apply a filter to a report, and then add that report to a dashboard, the filter will be applied to the data in […]

Welcome to the New Google Analytics

Add To Dashboard

Today At EMetrics Brett Crosby announced a new version of Google Analytics. Over the next few weeks the Google Analytics team will begin to migrate all Google Analytics accounts to the new version of the application. The changes are significant and, in my opinion, represent a tremendous improvement over the current version. Not that the […]