Analytics Questions & Answers: Volume 1

Exclude Query String Parameters

There are a lot of GA users. As a matter of fact, in Google’s Q1 2012 earnings call it was revealed that GA is being used on 10MM sites. That’s a lot of data and and a lot users! Those users generate a lot of questions. Earlier this week I solicited questions on Google+. I […]

Segmentation Options in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Browsers Report

As web analysts we live and die by segmentation. Without the ability to segment traffic we can not isolate which segments are producing and which need improvement. Google Analytics offers many different ways to segment data. Each has pros and cons but there is always a way to get the data you need…. well, almost […]

Segmenting Visitor Loyalty Reports in GA

Include filter for segmentation

[ UPDATED: I’ve added some more information re: filtering direct and referral traffic. ] This is a quick post. The goal is to help all you GA users that read Avinash’s most recent post about measuring success for non-e-commerce sites. Avinash lays out three recommendations including: 3. Segment the data! For Visitor Loyalty or Length […]

New GA Feature: Sticky Filters

Keyword report filter.

This is a pretty cool feature that most people don’t know about. I’m not really sure if it’s officially called ‘Sticky Filters’, but that’s the term I’m going to use. If you apply a filter to a report, and then add that report to a dashboard, the filter will be applied to the data in […]