Official Google Analytics Blog

Looks like the Google Analytics team has entered the blog world! The Official Google Analytics Blog launched some time last night. They now become one of the many Google product teams that has their own blog on the inter-web. This will be a great way for them to get product information out to the huge […]

Tracking Dynamic Sites With Google Analytics

In a previous post I mentioned that Google Analytics now offers an installation guide to help users hit the ground running. To further help GA user’s I’m writing a number of posts about common installation and configuration issues. Stuff that I encounter often. Today I’m going to talk about dynamically generated websites. Dynamic websites use […]

Set Your Data Free

One of my rants is about web analytics data. Not how accurate it is, but where it belongs. For the majority of people the default reports in a given web analytics package are completely adequate. New visitors, returning visitors, campaign tracking, click path analysis… they’re all very helpful and can be used to optimize your […]

What is $Index?

Alex had a very interesting post yesterday about optimizing your site using Google Analytics. He explained how to evaluate the value of certain pages on your site using the page $Index value. But what is $Index and how is it calculated? Here’s what the Google Analytics help documents say about $Index: In addition, the $Index […]

Google Analytics Installation Guide

Today Google Analytics posted a Google Analytics Installation guide on their help site. This nine-step document provides an organized process you should follow when planning a Google Analytics installation. To further demystify the installation and configuration process I’ll post more information about each step mentioned in the guide. My goal is to help everyone grasp […]