Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking Pt. 1: How It Works

This post is the first in a series of e-commerce transaction tracking with Google Analytics. Why is e-commerce tracking important? Well, transaction data is a vital piece of information when analyzing online business performance. Sure, it’s great to measure things like conversion rate, but revenue is much more tangible to many business owners. Having the […]

Updated GA.JS Tracking Code

I’ve gotten a lot of comments over the weekend about using the new ga.js code with ASP sites. It turns out that the code does not work with nested SP script tags. Also, the new tracking code that GA spits out is not XHTML compliant. These are unrelated issues that are causing a number of […]

New and Improved GA.JS Documentation

Along with some other features, Google Analytics today launched Google Analytics Custom Tracking. This is a new website (, a section of that deals with the Google Analytics Tracking Code. The site does a nice job of pulling together information about ga.js and Event Tracking. Plus it has a snazzy movie of Avinash, what […]

Make GA Data Quality Suck Less!

Google Analytics Lowercase Filter

We all know that data quality sucks! But there are a few, vital steps that you can take to insure that your Google Analytics data is as accurate as possible. Remember, accurate data makes for happy, and accurate, analysts. Here are three simple tips that can help make your data more accurate. 1. Eliminate Duplicate […]

SiteScan for All!


Google got a lot of attention last week when it introduced some really cool new features in Google Analytics. One of these features, Event Tracking, is enabled by a new version of the Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC). This is a big change. Updating the GATC on our site can be a big project if […]