GA.JS: New Google Analytics Tracking Code

ga.js - Google Analytics tracking code

On October 16, 2007 Google announced a new version of the Google Analytics Tracking Code named ga.js. This means that there are now two versions of the GATC: the old urchin.js and the new ga.js. What makes the new ga.js different from urchin.js? The ability to track events New object oriented style; no more functions […]

Automatic Outbound Link Tracking

With the release of the new GA.JS tracking code Google Analytics now supports automatic outbound link tracking. No more adding urchinTracking() to links! In order to get outbound link tracking to work you need to migrate to the new ga.js. I don’t have any reports to show you, but hope to have some soon.

Google Analytics Short Cut

As some of you may have noticed, my book PDF e-book has been published! Google Analytics Short Cut hit the web on August 31 and is now available for purchase at O’Reilly’s website. In my opinion, and I’m a bit biased after writing for all those hours, it’s a pretty good deal for $10 US. […]

Segmenting Visitor Loyalty Reports in GA

Include filter for segmentation

[ UPDATED: I’ve added some more information re: filtering direct and referral traffic. ] This is a quick post. The goal is to help all you GA users that read Avinash’s most recent post about measuring success for non-e-commerce sites. Avinash lays out three recommendations including: 3. Segment the data! For Visitor Loyalty or Length […]