Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: GA Account Setup Tip

The Breakup

This post is for all you contractors and agencies out there that are setting up Google Analytics for your clients. I want to help your relationship. No, not the relationship between you and your significant other. The relationship between you and your client. One of the biggest problems I see when working with companies is […]

All About Google Analytics Goals

Goal Settings

Google Analytics Goals are a way to measure conversions on your website. A conversion occurs when a visitor does something you want them to do. This could be completing some type of high value process or viewing a specific page on your website. Setting up goals is one of the most important steps when configuring […]

Introducing SiteScan


We all know that getting Google Analytics configured correctly is the key to getting good data for analysis. To help facilitate that process EpikOne has created a new tool called SiteScan. Originally we wanted a tool that would scan all pages and check for the tracking code. Believe it or not, missing tracking code is […]

Custom Segmentation with Google Analytics

User-Defined Report

Last week wrote a piece about using custom segments to exclude yourself from Google Analytics tracking. I didn’t stop to think that some folks may not know what custom segmentation is and how it is implemented with Google Analytics. So today I’ll cover how to setup and use custom segmentation with Google Analytics. Segmentation of […]