Tools to Help Organize Google Analytics Events

I love event tracking. If you’ve never used Google Analytics event tracking here’s what you need to know: Event tracking is a flexible, data collection mechanism that you can use to track almost anything. From video players, to mortgage calculators, to mobile apps, events are a way to collect and count visitor actions. While the […]

New and Improved GA.JS Documentation

Along with some other features, Google Analytics today launched Google Analytics Custom Tracking. This is a new website (, a section of that deals with the Google Analytics Tracking Code. The site does a nice job of pulling together information about ga.js and Event Tracking. Plus it has a snazzy movie of Avinash, what […]

SiteScan for All!


Google got a lot of attention last week when it introduced some really cool new features in Google Analytics. One of these features, Event Tracking, is enabled by a new version of the Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC). This is a big change. Updating the GATC on our site can be a big project if […]

Google Analytics Short Cut

As some of you may have noticed, my book PDF e-book has been published! Google Analytics Short Cut hit the web on August 31 and is now available for purchase at O’Reilly’s website. In my opinion, and I’m a bit biased after writing for all those hours, it’s a pretty good deal for $10 US. […]

Introducing SiteScan


We all know that getting Google Analytics configured correctly is the key to getting good data for analysis. To help facilitate that process EpikOne has created a new tool called SiteScan. Originally we wanted a tool that would scan all pages and check for the tracking code. Believe it or not, missing tracking code is […]

EpikOne Google Analytics Setup Guide

E1 GA Setup Guide

This blog is almost one year old. In all that time I’ve tried to do two things: 1. create truly original blog posts, and 2. avoid hard selling you, the reader, on EpikOne. Heck, I haven’t even tried to soft sell you anything! Today that changes a bit. I’d like to talk about something that […]