New Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytics Goals Configuration

We all know that it’s critical to measure conversions, or goals, for our website. But for a long time Google Analytics limited the number of conversions, and types of conversions, you could track with Google Analytics. All that changes today (October 20, 2009). You can now create up to 20 goals per profile in Google […]

Segmenting Unique Visitors in Google Analytics

You can easily add Unique Visitors to any Google Analytics Custom Report.

Google Analytics now has the ability to EASILY segment Unique Visitors. Some of you may be yawning, but I can hear many, many people saying, “That’s fuc*ing AWESOME!” Unique visitors is a critical metric especially in the advertising industry. But it’s also a really hard metric to measure because it take a lot of data […]

Google Analytics Custom Variables Overview

GA Custom Variables are like Data Decorations

Today Google releases Custom Variables (cv for short) in Google Analytics. This is an evolution of the custom segmentation feature. This post is meant to give you an overview of the feature. We’ll discuss how to use it in a later post. Like Custom Segmentation, custom variables are a flexible way to add more information […]

Introducing Google Analytics v4

Google introduced a new version of Google Analytics today, filled with new features to make analysts and marketers drool. Included in this new release is: New and Improved Goals (20 goals per profile and new ‘threshold’ goals based on pageviews and time on site) New mobile tracking Table Filtering (a way to quickly filter data […]