I’m Back. Finally.

After a hiatus that was much too long I am back blogging! Many people have emailed me asking why I have not posted in so long. The simple answer is I was really, really, busy with work.

Specifically I’ve been working on Google Analytics Seminars for Success. This is a two day training session held in different cities. We had one in San Francisco in March and another in Boston in May. Both went really well and we’ll be holding our third session in Portland, OR on July 23 and 24. Checkout out the Seminars for Success website for more information. I think these seminars are a tremendous value, $498 for 2 days of GA training.

So what happens to blog traffic when you don’t post for 5 months? Does it completely tank? Nope, in fact traffic has been flat over the last few months.

Visits to Analytics Talk

Note the small drop off in June, but that’s due to the display of the data.

The driver of my traffic is primarily Google organic search, so things have been chugging along even though I have not posted any new content. I’m no SEO expert, but the Google bot loves my writing!

While traffic has been flat, subscribers, one of my success metrics subscribers has increased. Sure, it’s been a slow increase, but it’s headed up and to the right.

Subscribers to Analytics talk

Another metrics that I monitor closely (as does every blogger I know) is my Technorati rank. Surprisingly my rank has remained fairly consistent with a value of (about) 32,000 and an authority of 162 (sorry, no graph for Technorati rank).


I want to thank everyone that emailed me asking if everything was OK. I really appreciate the concern and well wishes. I also want to apologize to everyone that posted a comment and received no response. I’m in the process of catching up on the 900 pending comments.

Blog to you soon.


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