Getting Started with Google Analytics Remarketing

Google Analytics Remarketing

Digital analytics is all about finding insights and making changes to your business. One of the easiest changes to make is to optimize your digital marketing based on things like bounce rate the performance of your campaigns. But there’s an awesome way to use your Google Analytics data to create new marketing campaigns specifically targeted […]

Path Analysis in Google Analytics with Flow Visualization

Google Analytics Flow Visualization Report

Google Recently announced a new feature in Google Analytics, Flow Visualization. These reports, the Visit Flow report, Navigation Flow report, and Goal Flow report are a new take on analyzing how people navigate through content. For a long time click path analysis was not really possible in Google Analytics. Sure, we had the Navigation Summary […]

Introducing Google Analytics, The Next Generation

Google Analytics V5 Dashboard

Today at the Google Analytics Great User Conference, Phil Mui, product manager for Google Analytics and all around awesome guy, introduced the new version of Google Analytics. This version includes a completely reworked user interface and many, many infrastructure improvements. Before we get into the deals, I should mention that this version is going to […]

Introducing Google Analytics v4

Google introduced a new version of Google Analytics today, filled with new features to make analysts and marketers drool. Included in this new release is: New and Improved Goals (20 goals per profile and new ‘threshold’ goals based on pageviews and time on site) New mobile tracking Table Filtering (a way to quickly filter data […]

Google Analytics Version 3.0


Today Google is releasing a significant update to Google Analytics. I’m not sure if it is officially version 3.0, but the amount of new functionality is extraordinary. Not to mention some nice changes to the interface to clean things up. This new release includes: * Motion Charts (a data visualization tool) * Advanced Segmentation * […]